The Game (a poem)

The Game

The ignorant muscles of thought
That keep me awake at night
Flexing themselves over and over
Proud of their strength
And the ability they have
To lift my heart in the air
Where it trembles
Wondering who will catch it
Who will catch it
If those muscles grow weary
And tire of the game.

The Dare (a poem)

The Dare

To write a poem
About this packet of sugar
I would have to take my mind
Off you for a moment
And how your hair shone
In the morning sunlight
Coming in through the diner windows
As you finished your eggs and toast
Before heading off to work
Pointing at the pink packet
Beside your empty coffee cup
And saying
I bet you can’t write a poem about that
As you kissed me on the cheek
And walked out to your car
Now all I can do is think of
Seeing you tonight
And handing you this packet of sugar
I have carried with me all day
And this poem I have written
To let you know
How you sweeten my life
As my way of telling you
I told you I could.

February Snow (a poem)

February Snow

It’s meaningless to take guilt on a trip
while the cold December air
hunts you down like Davey Crockett
in some story your grandfather
would have told you
if he were still alive
and not pushing up daisies
or whatever flower grows wild
in whatever state he is buried in
and he would have told you
about colder winters than this one
that he lived through as a boy
and then a young man
and lighting his pipe he would tell you
about letting guilt go on its own
to travel alone
and how women are like trains
there is always another one
coming along soon
but the good ones yes
the good ones
are few and far between
like August dust and February snow.

The Circle (a poem)

The Circle

Wearing a pretty plaid skirt
the overweight friend
hovers at the edge
of the circle
of her skinny dull friends
like she almost can’t believe
the swans invited her
to swim along with them
in their shallow pond
and as they get in cars
to go where young people go
I hope she knows
the privilege is theirs
to have her along
and she’s not there
to pick up lost feathers.

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